YHWH SHAMMAH CREATION has always been an advocate for environment, social and governance or good corporate management. In all our job scope and related works, we are mainly an energy management organization where we look at ways to optimise the cost of energy in terms of monetary and look at options for of energy reduction solutions. We also look at alternative energy other than fuel or coal based to further reduce the carbon emission.

We usually make recommendation in our design to use green products, energy efficient products which help to save energy and optimise cost during operation. We also proposed solutions for human comfort and ergonomic design when there is a human interaction with the system.

At the heart of our design, special consideration and high value is given to social wellbeing including our own employee and for the employee’s workplace at our client side.

We also believe in servant management, where we believe as good steward of the organization, the key responsibility to lead the employees are rested on our shoulders of the current leadership and as well as the wellbeing of the talented worker which should be groom. The grooming process is essential part of the organization’s sustainability solution as well as business continuity. Training the next line organization leadership is very critical to ensure the continuity of the service of the organization and the first tier and second tier successors are identified for easy organization growth and transition.

As special attention to environment related matters, social responsibility and company execution and operation processes are given much priority, YHWH SHAMMAH CREATIONS also jointly advocate the course to ensure better living environment, better quality of life and sustainable business environment.