YHWH SHAMMAH CREATIONS was formed on 24 June in year 2015. The primary reason for the formation is to address the needs that are arising in the Engineering field, the required services by the client, the new challenges of the 21st century which is the concern on the environment, social wellbeing and good governance to ensure that more are done than the usual engineering practises to ensure things are done with the holistic solutions in mind.

YHWH is an acronym for “Your Hope We Honour” and SHAMMAH means “Is Being Present”. YHWH SHAMMAH in general is giving confidence to our client that “We Honour Their Hope by Being Present” in providing our engineering and energy related expertise. YHWH SHAMMAH CREATIONS key slogan is “YHWH IS THERE, READY TO SERVE YOU!!!

We are an engineering consultancy and energy solutions firm ready to SERVE you. We provide Engineering Solutions for your energy optimization, lighting solutions, project implementation, process, instrumentation and control, facilities operation and facility maintenance. We help you customize your engineering planning into results and output for full operation of the facility.

We are here to help you to optimise cost from the initial stage of detailing especially from conceptual proposal, construction implementation, project management and quality management. We provide Engineering Consultancy for Commercial and Industrial clients for energy saying projects, projects physical execution, facilities upgrade projects and facility system optimization projects.

We help you to get the best out of your engineering problems without compromising the quality and the implementation timeline. We are here to help you ensure that the vendors and contractors perform their obligation in line with their commitment and you are getting what you paid for!


We are happy to serve our client and looking forward to serve add more to our profile!